Services Offered by a Locksmith in Sandalfoot-Cove

Locksmith in Sandalfoot-Cove offers a variety of services that can help make your home or business more secure. One service that we offer is rekeying locks, which allows you to have one key that works in all of your doors. This can greatly reduce the chance of someone gaining unauthorized access to your property.

Rekeying Locks

Rekeying locks is a security upgrade that involves making your existing lock work with a new key, rather than changing the entire lock assembly. This is a less expensive option than replacing the entire lock set on your door.

Your lock works with a set of tumblers (known as “key pins”) that correspond to a specific key. These are typically hidden from view when the lock is assembled, and they can be replaced to create a new key that works with your current locks.

A locksmith removes the cylinder plug from the lock, dumps out the old pins (usually with a tweezers), and sets the new ones on a table or other clean surface. A rekeying kit will usually have a chart to show the new pins’ order, so you can insert them correctly and test your lock. Rekeying is often done after a change in ownership, or when an employee leaves the business and may have a copy of your key.

Lockout Service

Lockout services help workers to work safely by isolating equipment from hazardous energy sources. This can be done by locking devices like switches or valves that are connected to a machine’s power source. This can prevent accidental starting or release of dangerous energy during maintenance and service activities. Lockout procedures should also include how to verify that the machines are de-energized and isolated. This can be done by using a voltmeter to check for electricity or connecting air tools to the dump valves to bleed off pressure.

Each lockout procedure should have a specific process for identifying and labeling the type of energy involved, describing the types of locking devices used and where they are installed. It should also describe the steps for shutting down, isolating, blocking, securing, and removing the lockout devices. It should also specify who is authorized to remove them and the time they were applied. This will ensure that only the correct person can work on a piece of machinery.

Transponder Keys

While a transponder key may be more expensive than an ordinary key, it does provide added security for your vehicle. The microchip in the transponder key sends a signal that is activated by radio waves when inserted into your ignition. This prevents any unauthorized attempt to start your car by stealing your keys or using a hot wire.

If you have a transponder key, you should keep it in a safe place where no one can get it. If you lose it, a locksmith can create a replacement for you and program the chip so that your car will accept it.

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Car Key Replacement

Misplacing your car keys used to be a big hassle and meant calling the dealership. Not anymore, as cars have gotten more technologically advanced. Replacing a lost key fob can cost upwards of $250, depending on the make and model.

A traditional key without a chip is still easy to get replaced by a locksmith for around $10, as long as you have the year and model of your vehicle and proof that you are the owner (registration or title). Most locksmiths will be able to cut and program a replacement fob on-site while you wait.

More recent cars feature key fobs that activate a proximity sensor in the car, which allows keyless entry and ignition. These types of keys are less likely to be replaced by a locksmith, as they need specialized equipment that most hardware stores don’t have. Instead, you may need to visit a dealership for this type of car key replacement.